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It seems like almost every emerging technology has its own potential to revolutionize our lives. For example, in the near future, 5G connections could offer download speeds faster than wired connections. This will not only reduce overcrowding but will allow us to do so much more with connected devices. Robotic exoskeletons, which have already been used by the military, could help the disabled get around. They could even create healthcare-related nanorobots.

Two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide is one such example. This type of semiconductor is capable of conducting energy, and acting as a digital logic device, replacing the NAND gate. Other applications of this type of material include flexible displays, which can be attached to clothing and accessories, and even the smallest items like sunglasses. These textiles are expected to make our lives easier in many ways, from health to fashion.

Machine learning has come a long way since we first created search engines. Today, we can do just about anything with voice commands. But, before we get too excited about this technology, let us review some of the most significant developments in machine learning. First of all, Google has been developing an advanced version of their Google Assistant. Dubbed Duplex this personal assistant has the ability to make reservations and even make phone calls. A recent demo of Duplex amazed the audience and showed us what the future of personal assistants might hold. Click here To know all about redsteeze

LiFi, also known as Light-Fi, is another new technology that uses light to transmit information. LiFi uses light to transmit information and is faster than Wi-Fi radio waves. LiFi’s wider bandwidth allows it to transmit more information and is less susceptible to interference. LiFi is expected to be cheaper than Wi-Fi as well. The possibilities are truly limitless. So, get ready for the next generation of technology!

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