Detailed instructions on how to play Keno to bring in huge amounts of money

Keno is one of the types of computerized lottery released by Vietlott company. How to play Keno is quite simple, you just need to choose your lucky number based on analysis and prediction then place a bet. However, if you want to make sure you win, please follow the article below Kubet.
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What is Keno lottery?

To put it simply, Keno is a type of lottery released by Vietlott company that has been around for a long time. The huge bonus value has attracted an increasing number of participants with the desire to become billionaires.

How to play Keno is quite simple, you just need to choose a lucky number from 1 to 10 in the set of numbers 1 – 80. Then start comparing with the prize drawing results of Vietlott company. Filming from 6:00 a.m. to 9:55 p.m. on weekdays.

In general, it is similar to communication. But there is a big advantage that the prize money of this type of lottery is up to several tens of billions of dong. This is considered a great opportunity for those who want to have a rich life and become a billionaire overnight.

Instructions on how to play Keno and win for sure

Although this type of betting depends on your luck. However, if you know how to play Keno from analysis and prediction, you will have a higher chance of winning. Below are some ways that bettors can apply while participating in lottery games. Specifically:

How to play even-odd Keno

For this way of playing, you only need to choose an even or odd number to invest. Specifically:

  • Please take the previous day’s results table to see if the numbers returned are even or odd.
  • If among those 20 numbers, 15 of the numbers you choose match the results and you will receive 210,000 VND.
  • On the contrary, if there are only 13 to 14 numbers, the money you receive is 40,000 VND.

Play big and small lotteries

Unlike the odd-even way of playing Keno, in this form you will choose your lucky numbers according to size. Specifically:

  • By convention, small numbers are from 1 to 40 and large numbers are 40 – 80.
  • So, you just need to choose for yourself a number according to the large or small convention in that set of numbers.
  • If out of those 20 numbers appear 13 are big or small then the amount you receive will be 56,000 VND.
  • In case of even number 12 – 8, 11 – 9, 10 – 1 means no win.

Basic way to play Keno lottery

With the basic way to play Keno, you need to choose a pair of numbers, maximum 10 in the series from 01 – 80. From there, create a number to participate in the prize. For example:

  •  A: 07.
  • B: 07 25 31 16 47.
  • C: 01 23 13 26 35 44 50 68 71 58.

However, Keno will divide the prize into two elements as follows:

  • One is the total number of people participating in the prize.
  • Second is how many numbers you choose match the prize drawing results.

Good ways to play Keno for new players

In addition to understanding how to play Keno, if you want to win and become a billionaire, you need to gain some basic experience. Here are some good tips that you can apply:
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Play multiple periods in a row

The first way to play Keno that you can apply is to play multiple rounds in a row. Because usually the numbers released in the previous days have a very high return rate the next day. Therefore, as long as you take the trouble to review and analyze the statistical results, you will find the rules of their appearance. From there, make an accurate choice of the numbers that will likely return in the next prize draw.

Maintain your mentality

While participating in Keno lottery, maintaining a stable mentality is an important factor. Because it will help you analyze and predict the results of the upcoming prize draw more accurately.

Know when to stop

There is one thing you need to keep in mind, no matter participating in any type of betting, you should not bring the mentality of losing capital. You must know when to stop, whether you win or lose, to avoid falling into a situation of losing all your money or going into debt.

Choose numbers from previous draws

The next way you can play Keno is to choose numbers from previous draws. If you see them appear many times, choose it to play today.

Bet on a consecutive number

For this method, you just need to choose your lucky number. Then place bets and play continuously for many days. This is also a good playing tip that most veteran bettors apply.


Thus, the above article has guided you How to play Keno The most detailed, guaranteed to help you become a billionaire in just one day. So what are you waiting for? Immediately apply the above great tips so you don’t miss the opportunity to become rich.

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