Extremely Good Lieng Cheating Tips for Winning Big Money

Tips for playing Lieng Cheats win big money is searched a lot on all social networking sites today. In fact, this form of playing is shared by many experts on betting forums. However, there are many people who still do not know this information specifically. So, the article below, Jun88 will synthesize all the necessary content for new players.

Introducing Lieng playing and basic scoring methods

Before learning Lieng cheat card playing tips, bettors need to clearly understand the basic information about this game.

Vietnamese spiritual details

Lieng in Vietnam is also known as scratch cards. This is a form of play suitable for those who are passionate about conquering challenges. The game uses all 52 cards. One person will receive 3 cards in each game. Therefore, the number of participants can be from 2 to 17.

After dividing, gamers place a portion of the common money. The game will start with the first person to raise, the next person has the right to call or fold. Finally, the game ends when no one calls the highest-raised player. Additionally, when time runs out, whoever has the highest total score wins.

How to calculate spiritual points

Understanding how points are calculated helps new players better understand the information Lieng card tricks to win big money. Currently, playing Lieng usually has two forms: counting paint or playing hello.

  • When calculating paint (calculated according to the quality of the leaf): The color order is Diamonds > Hearts > Clubs > Spades. For example, if 2 players have the same 9 points, the player with the higher quality card is the winner. This way of playing helps determine the winning game more quickly.
  • How to calculate the offer (regardless of card quality): Comparing scores in a game, if there is more than 1 person with the same score, the prize will be divided in half. This prize number, after being divided, is the amount of money that the other player must put into the next game. This form brings huge amounts of money when winning bets.

Tips for playing cards to deceive your opponents easily

When participating, everyone probably wants to learn Lieng card tricks to win big money. However, not all gamers can apply it. Below are some effective ways to hack cards.

Miss Lieng

The first and most common form of cheating today is the way she cards Lieng. This is the arrangement so that when divided, beautiful leaves will come to hand. This method of cheating is quite simple and also the safest.

Accordingly, you arrange the beautiful and strong leaves in a corner. Next, you need to shuffle the cards quickly without changing the position of those cards. From there, divide by round and we still get beautiful leaves.

Mark the article

This is a more advanced form of Lieng card tricks to win big money. When the game is about to end, all cards will be marked in a certain way. And the player’s next job is to shuffle the cards to that exact point.

This method of application is not easy, requiring players to be quick and quick-eyed. In case the opponent cuts or shuffles the cards, it will reduce the chance of winning. During a long game, you should often apply this strategy. That makes the opponent start to fall into a state of guard.

Use cards other than the sleeve

Shuffling cards through the sleeve is one of them Lieng card tricks to win big money effective. Normally, a sacred game will only use up to 18 cards per game. Therefore, it is entirely possible for players to hold 1 to 4 cards. There are also not too many opponents who care about enough or lacking cards in a game.

Remember, for absolute safety, you should only collect cards during the match. Using other troops outside the game causes you to quickly be discovered and face severe consequences.Tips for playing cards to win big money This should only apply in small casinos. In large casinos, camera surveillance systems will now be visible. Thus, the playground will be handled according to the sanctions prescribed previously.

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Dealing trick cards

Dealing tricks is Lieng card tricks win big money for fast players. There are many ways to divide such as:

  • Ass hook: The trump card is held by the pinky finger and when face down, her deck will face up directly to the remaining number of cards.
  • Passing: Instead of dividing the first card, the player quickly takes from the 2nd card onwards. This is considered the highest level of con artists today.

Tips for playing cards to win big money is a form of winning through cheating. Usually, they are not supported during divine play. However, you also need to clearly understand  Jun88’s shares to prevent other competitors. Please play honestly to create the fairest playing field.

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