Growing from Seeds or Clones

Clones or Seedlings?

The question of how to start your marijuana garden may be answered for you. Most people have saved some seeds—often for many years—for just this occasion. There are several negatives to using seeds, but you can use them without involving anyone else, and the price is right. If you decide to use clones, you’ll need to find a supplier.


Clones, or rooted cuttings from a female or mother plant, have many advantages. The genotype is a known entity. You know already that the clone is female and that the plant possesses characteristics of value to you. There is no need to wait for the young plant to display sexual differentiation; it can go immediately into a fast-track growing mode. This is particularly helpful when the outdoor grower has a short growing season, as it sidesteps the waiting time for sexual differentiation needed for seed-propagated starts.


Seedlings come from seed. Seed propagation also has advantages. If stored properly, cannabis seed remains viable for years. Unlike a clone, which immediately needs soil, light, water, and care, the seed will wait for you. This is a convenience, even if you plan to just buy seed and not breed on your own. Seed is also a way for a breeder to easily bank certain genetics that he might want to reintroduce at a later point in developing a strain.

  1. Trying to store genetics by repeatedly cloning is time-consuming and takes up far more space. All seed is created by sexual propagation. Cannabis makes this interesting for the breeder as it is a dioecious plant, requiring both a male and a female plant to produce viable seed. Sometimes cannabis will produce hermaphrodites.Watch online movies here 10starhd

Which Is Easier, Clone or Seedling?

You should not feel intimidated by the idea of growing from seed, but your first grow will be less complicated if you start out with clones. You can leapfrog over seed germination and move right to planting

Also, with clones, your plant count will stay mostly the same from start to finish (barring pests, rippers, and accidental breakage to young clones), the plants will be more or less what you expected as far as genotype, and there will be no anxiety about accurately sexing the young plants. And, having females, you still have the option of procuring pollen from another grower and breeding some seeds for next season.

Growing from Clones

Let’s start with beginning a garden of clones. Assuming you have organized and prepared your garden area, indoor or outdoor, your first question is probably: Where can I get clones? If you live in a medical cannabis state, there is a good possibility that clones or cuttings are available from a local compassion organization or from meetings where patients and their caregivers/growers gather to share concerns and cannabis. This is an opportunity to sample various strains and identify which types of cannabis are locally available.please see this Facebook Account Hacked 

Growing from Seeds

Perhaps clones are not available to you, or you just like the idea of growing your plants from seeds. Many people have small bags of seeds they’ve kept over the years, possibly labeled, probably not. If these are your only option, it is not the worst thing in the world; you kept those seeds for a reason, most likely because you enjoyed the cannabis it came from (though you might have cursed at the time if you spent good money for sinsemilla, or seedless, cannabis).

If you are on a tight budget, have no seeds of your own, and are shocked by commercially produced seed prices, perhaps a no growing friend has some here for more info tvidler

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Outdoor growers frequently start indoors under lights and transfer the seedlings after the last frost date for their area. The transfer from indoors to outdoors will require a short period of hardening off in a cold frame to minimize shock in young seedlings or clones.More Movies Download from here Skymovieshd

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