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How the Automotive Company is Evolving

In an era of smart mobility, how does an automotive company adapt? In today’s market, smart-connected technologies and artificial intelligence are expected in vehicles. While autonomous vehicles have captured the attention of the media, automakers are incorporating these technologies at a rapid pace in current models. In this article, we’ll look at three key elements of smart connected technology in vehicles. These technologies are expected to play a critical role in sustaining the automotive industry’s success.

The Internet has changed the way vehicles and parts are distributed. Many auto manufacturers are experimenting with Web-based services to help consumers make their car purchase. By 2000, Republic Industries expects sales on the World Wide Web to reach $1 billion. Estimates vary as to how many car buyers use the Internet for information. However, 40 percent or more of them gather information using the Internet. Even fewer but growing numbers of consumers use the internet to obtain price quotes and availability information.see more here Bolly4u

As a result, the cost of manufacturing automobiles is likely to decrease. New formats will help automakers to identify non-value-adding costs. Dealer consolidations will also unlock purchasing leverage and economies of scale. Further, improved delivery of services will enable manufacturers to reap even larger savings. And with the rise of the “follow the car” axis, manufacturers will be more active in the second and third transactions.Please visit here for information abou Barry Robert Baker

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