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How to Choose a Laptop Battery

The battery is essential for the functioning of a laptop. After a long time of use or because of some defect, you may need to buy a new one. The good news is that there is no need to change the machine. Just replace the part with a new one, which you can find in various shops and online stores. Visit for the best laptop batteries for different laptop brands. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right battery model for your computer. 

Know Your Laptop

It’s very important to know the brand and model of your PC to find a battery that is compatible with it.

Most of the time, the laptop has three pieces of information: the brand, the series, and the model. It’s common for a series to have the same type of battery, but that’s not a rule. Therefore, knowing the model makes it much easier.

The model is an acronym that mixes numbers and letters. The series is usually a name that comes after the brand.

There are a few ways to find out what laptop you have. This information usually comes in the instruction manual, on the invoice, and even on it pasted on a sticker on the bottom of the machine.

After knowing the series and model, search for a compatible battery for that type.

Check the Part Number

If you can’t find the full name of the laptop, another way is to check the battery part number. The part number is a unique identification number for each model. To find this number, just remove the battery from the notebook and look at the information written on it. It can be identified as Part Number or P/N or PA, okay?

Then, just search for battery models that have the same number. Very simple!

Considerations When Choosing a Battery

Even after knowing the laptop model or battery part number, when looking for a new battery, it’s good to keep an eye on some other information.

Always check voltage compatibility. This is because the same battery model can have versions with different voltages. Voltage information is also indicated on the outside of the battery, near the part number.

It is also good to check if the laptop battery is original to avoid future problems. Pirated products have no warranty and can even damage your computer! 

How to Charge a Laptop Battery for the First Time

Modern portable computers, whether notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks, or 2-in-1s, are now all equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which require an average of up to 2 or 3 hours when the computer is off to be fully recharged. However, when you buy a new laptop or a new battery, the battery is not completely discharged.

They come partially charged with around 40% autonomy. Therefore, to correctly charge the battery of a laptop PC for the first time, you simply need to mount the battery in the laptop computer, after which it will only be necessary to fully charge it without starting the Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system that is on board the computer.

You should note that “fully charging the battery” does not mean that you will have to charge it for 12 hours or overnight but simply that you will have to charge it as you usually do all the other subsequent times and then more or less a couple of hours, i.e., until the LED indicating the battery charge status switches off or changes color.

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