Instructions for Downloading IOS Online Fish Shooting Game at New88

IOS online fish shooting game is okay New88 The release quickly attracted great attention in the online betting world. If you want to install this game application for experience, definitely do not miss our detailed article below!
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What is the IOS New88 online fish shooting game?

New88 is famous for owning a diverse and massive store of prize-winning fish shooting games at the top of the market. Due to the large number of players accessing to earn prizes, the house decided to launch a mobile fish hunting application that allows users to download directly to their iPhones to experience. Right from the first days of launch, the app has attracted thousands of downloads from players around the globe thanks to possessing the following outstanding advantages:

Realistic, optimized graphics

In this version, the image quality and graphics in fish shooting games have been optimized to bring the most realistic and vivid feeling to players. The miniature ocean world on a compact phone screen makes it more attractive to participate. IOS online fish shooting game Designed with a configuration that is absolutely compatible with the server, all functions on the web version remain the same. From there, it brings a user-friendly application.

Diverse game store

Playing fish shooting on iPhone, New88 members are free to explore and conquer the ocean with countless different fish hunting products and games. H5 fish shooting, golden turtle fish hunting, Tam Quoc fish shooting, angel fish shooting,… and many other masterpieces are all released on the app. Attractive content, clear rules and large reward rates make members choose to download the IOS online fish shooting game More and more every day is understandable.

Download IOS online fish shooting game for free

The entire process of installing the fish shooting game will not cost the player anything because this is an app designed by New88. The application was created for non-profit purposes to serve the entertainment needs of a large number of members, so the house does not charge fees for this application.

Fast operation, high security

The process of installing your IOS online fish shooting game takes place with quick, optimal steps thanks to the instructions available on the homepage. The system also applies a 128 Bit SSL encryption barrier to secure server and user information, so when downloading APK files, you don’t have to worry about data leaks or hackers entering. 

Process of downloading IOS online fish shooting game for new players

For customers who have been using Apple smartphones, they can install the application quickly. If you still don’t know how to do it yourself, please refer to the detailed instructions below:
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System access

First, you access the New88 system homepage and select ‘Download app’. At this time, the system displays QR scan codes for 2 versions of the IOS and Android applications. You use your smartphone to scan the compatible code to download the IOS online fish shooting game.

Download the app APK file

The APK file link appears immediately after you scan the QR, at which point the player allows the file to be downloaded to the server. This process will take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the internet connection speed.

Grant application permissions

Players need to add application shortcuts to the home screen to make playing IOS online fish shooting games more convenient later. In addition, you must access the iPhone settings, allowing the app to operate on the server through granting trusted permissions. At this point, the installation process is complete, you can log in to the system and play any fish game you are interested in.

A few notes when downloading the IOS New88 fish shooting game

During the process of installing applications to mobile devices, players must pay special attention to the following issues to have smooth app downloads:

  • Keep a stable internet connection during the application installation process.
  • Only download the APK file provided by New88 on the house’s homepage.
  • Deciding to download the IOS online fish shooting game means you have accepted and will comply with all terms and conditions set out by New88.
  • Allows the app to send new notifications, save login information to easily capture news, and minimize future access operations.
  • Pay attention to the amount of free memory on the server that must be compatible with the size of the application.


In the above article, we have given you detailed instructions regarding all information related to downloading the IOS online fish shooting game. New88 believes that after successfully installing the application, you will have interesting and worthy experiences. Finally, I wish you success in exploring the ocean and conquering the golden treasure under the sea!

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