Instructions for Playing Roulette Online at New88 Casino

Roulette is one of the games with a different playing format compared to common betting tables in casinos. It can be said that the unique gameplay, diverse betting forms and attractive payout rates have brought to the game co quay Roulette An irresistible attraction to every player.

In order to help players participate in Roulette betting more simply and conveniently, bookmaker New88sg offers betting tables. Roulette online, operating 24/7 at WM casino lobby. Let’s learn how to play this game in detail here New88 Casino Go through the article below.

What is the Roulette game? Origin of Roulette

Roulette also known as Roulette is one of the games casino has the oldest history in the world. The game uses a numbered wheel with many different number boxes and a small rolling ball. Players need to bet on where the marble will stop and bet on the number at that position. If the bet is correct, the player will receive a bonus.

Regarding the origin of Roulette, there are many hypotheses that have been put forward. Even in some European countries, some people believe that the predecessor of Roulette is the wheel of fate that God uses to decide each person’s life. The traditional game of Roulette is said to have originated around late 17th century, with simple gameplay, somewhat sketchy.

The most widely believed hypothesis is that the birth of Roulette came from the invention of a perpetual motion machine by a French scientist. Blaise Pascal.

Of course, in the initial stages, this game has not yet reached the round number 0. After many improvements, adjustments and reshaping of the game rules, after many testing versions, Roulette gradually becomes perfect with a unified set of rules applied worldwide.

The year 1843 is considered an important historical milestone in the formation of the Roulette game, when the number 0 was officially added to the wheel thanks to the work of Francois and Louis Blanc.

Around 1996, Inter Casino was considered a pioneer in bringing Online Roulette to players, thereby creating a premise for strong development of one of the most popular games in these casinos.

Rules for playing Roulette at bookmaker New88

Currently, there are many versions of Roulette to choose from at many different bookmakers. Used at bookmaker New88 How to play European Roulette, this is a popular game style with playing rules chosen by many big bookmakers.

With this way of playing, the betting table will use a circular rotation consisting of: 36 boxes, numbered sequentially from 0 to 36. Balls are used in the Roulette wheel will be the type designed with ivory, strictly tested for quality and size to meet standards, helping the process of operating marbles on the rotating table to be smoothest, most continuous and stable.

At the beginning of each turn, the player will have 45 seconds to decide on bets, stakes and betting operations. After 45 seconds, the system will stop accepting bets and lock the betting table.
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At this time, the dealer will choose to spin the wheel in one direction and release the marbles in the opposite direction. The marble will move on the wall of the rotation and end at Any 1 cell on the Roulette wheel.

Based on the position in the box where the number of marbles stops, the dealer will enter the results into the system. The house will announce the results of winning bets and pay rewards according to the prescribed reward rate.

In some cases, due to objective reasons, the position of the marble stops not belonging to any cell of the rotation or falls off the rotating table. The result of this Roulette bet will be canceled, the bet will be returned to all players and a new bet will be opened.

Betting methods used in Roulette game at bookmaker New88

Roulette is one of the game types that is not only different in gameplay, but also diverse in betting methods.

If in other types of games, players can only place bets through placing betting chips on the corresponding betting doors, then with Roulette, players will apply many different betting methods, each method is different. The formula will have one meaning and represent different bets accordingly.

To enter the game, you just need to access the link to New88 at, then select online casino, select WM lobby. At WM Casino, choose your game Roulette.

You can then enter the game room and place your bets right away.

In the WM Casino lobby at bookmaker New88, there are a total of 12 Roulette betting methods used.

  • Live betting: The player bets on any number on the betting table area by placing the betting chip in the CENTER of the betting box containing that number.
  • Branch bet: The player bets on 2 numbers by placing the betting chip on the BOUNDARY between the 2 numbers.
  • Bet on 3 numbers in the same row: The player bets on a row of 3 numbers by placing the betting chip on the highest edge of the 3 numbers he wants to bet on.
  • Bet on 3 numbers that are close together: The player bets on 3 adjacent numbers by placing the betting chip in the CONNECTING AREA between the 3 numbers he wants to bet on.
  • Corner bet: The player bets on 4 adjacent numbers by placing the betting chip on the INTERSECTION CORNER between the 4 numbers he wants to bet on.
  • Bet on 4 numbers: The player bets on 4 numbers by placing the betting chip on the highest ADJACENT EDGE of the 4 selected numbers.
  • Line bet: The player bets on 2 rows of numbers next to each other by placing the betting chip on the highest INTERSECTION POINT of the 2 rows. In case 2 rows are close together forming 1 line, place the betting chip on the ADJACENT EDGE of the 2 numbers that are next to each other in that line.
  • Range bet: The player bets on a series of numbers on the betting table, these series will not include the number 0. The Roulette betting table includes 3 series of numbers, numbered from 1 to 3, at the end of each series there will be a betting box displayed. 2 to 1 market. The player places a bet by placing the betting chip in the betting box of the corresponding number sequence. If the result of that spin is 0, the house wins the bet.
  • Bet 1 dozen numbers: The Roulette betting table will be divided into 3 groups, each group contains 12 numbers, group 1 from 1 to 12, group 2 from 13 to 24, group 3 from 25 to 36, each group will have 1 representative betting box below. area of ​​corresponding numbers. The player who bets on any group of numbers places the betting chip in the CENTER of the betting box representing that group. This form of betting does not apply to betting on the number 0. If the bet result is 0, the house is considered to win.
  • Bet on black/red: 37-number betting table divided into 2 colors: black and red, arranged alternately, each color has 18 numbers and does not include the number 0. The player betting on any color must place the betting chip in the CENTER of the betting box representing that color. . If the bet result is 0, the house is considered to win.
  • Bet on even/odd numbers: Similar to black/red bets, players will bet on even or odd numbers by placing betting chips in the CENTER of the corresponding betting box. Odd even bets will not include the number 0. If the bet result is 0, the house is considered to win.
  • Big/small bets: The small bet includes numbers from 1 to 18, the big bet includes numbers from 19 to 36. Players bet on the big or small bet by placing the betting chip in the CENTER of the betting box corresponding to that number. Big/small bets do not apply to the number 0, if the bet result is 0 then the house is considered to win.

At the end of each game, all winning bets will be notified by the system to the players participating in the game and rewards will be paid according to the corresponding ratio.

The payout rate for each corresponding bet in Roulette

The payout ratio at New88 will be specifically announced by the house on the betting table at each betting window, or players can check the payout ratio in the game settings area, Betting Rules section.

  • Odds live betting 1:35.
  • Odds branch bet 1:17.
  • Bet on 3 odds numbers 1:11.
  • Corner bets and 4-number odds bets 1:8.
  • Odds line bet 1:5.
  • Range bet, bet on 1 dozen odds numbers 1:2.
  • Bet on even/odd/red/black/big/small ratio 1:1.

Some special rules apply in the Roulette game at New88

In addition to normal cases, some bets may have unexpected situations. When this is the case, the bet result will be resolved based on the regulations of the bookmaker New88. Players need to read, understand and understand these game rules to avoid affecting their personal rights.

  • Betting tables will be organized like Roulette tables at a real casino, with betting results transmitted via live videos to players. To avoid fraud due to interference from recognition devices, the results of each Roulette game will be manually entered by the dealer into the recording device to display to the players. If there is a discrepancy between the actual result and the displayed result, the system will base on the image on the betting video to pay the prize.
  • Any reason that interrupts the bet does not affect the bet result, the bet will be considered canceled and the bet will be returned to the player.
  • If the network connection causes the live video to lose connection, there are 2 solutions:
  • The spin has shown the results: the system still pays rewards to winning players.
  • The spin still has no result: cancel that bet and return the bet to the player. Betting will be reopened when the connection is restored and the videos are connected again.
  • At bookmaker New88, the results of each bet will be based on the video recording of the drawing process as a basis for the final decision.
  • If during the process of participating in Roulette betting, players have any questions or encounter any difficulties, they can immediately contact the customer service staff for advice and handling.


With the detailed instructions above, we hope every player clearly understands the playing operations Roulette Most accurate when betting at bookmaker New88. New88 is offering many attractive incentives to new members when registering an account from today, register quickly to not miss any valuable promotions.

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