Learning how to shoot fish in groups makes it easier to make a profit

Shoot fish in groups Perhaps a legendary game that is too popular in the gaming community today. With extremely simple gameplay, this game has conquered many online game enthusiasts. Right now, let’s experience the interesting things about this game!
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What is shooting fish in groups?

As you can see, fish shooting games have existed with the development timeline of the technology market for a long time. This game originates from the fun at shopping centers or supermarkets as well as entertainment areas. And now, with the development of technology in the 4.0 era, bookmakers have also released this game to serve all the needs of customers who want to play this game on PC or Mobile devices. .

One of the most popular methods of shooting fish is shooting fish in groups. In this type of game, players will often use 4 – 5 coins to make shots. Here, the fish will appear from small to large. At that time, the player will perform precise shooting at the center of the school of fish, Each fish shot will bring you 5 cents.

So, it can be seen that, in the game of shooting fish in groups, if you want to earn coins, you need to choose densely populated schools of fish. Besides, if you are more observant, you will see that every time a school of fish swims by, there will also be a very large fish swimming around there. Therefore, the most important task is to aim accurately and wait for the opportunity to shoot.

Why is shooting fish in groups so attractive?

It can be affirmed that fish shooting in groups is an online game that many bettors love and choose to experience. This is also the hottest game at New88 – the leading reputable bookmaker in the market today. So what has helped this game get closer to its players? Seeing that, this game series is loved by:

  • The game format is designed in an online format. Therefore, players can choose to experience anytime, anywhere on their devices.
  • There are many unique genres as well as unique and attractive content.
  • The game’s rules are also extremely simple with easy-to-understand operations.
  • The graphics are designed extremely beautifully and impressive at first sight.
  • Many attractive gifts for players.

Coming to New88 to experience shooting fish in groups, you will quickly have the most immersive experience. Not only that, with our bookmaker, you will also have the opportunity to bring home many special gifts. However, if you understand how to play as well as how to win money, your winning efficiency will be even higher.

How to shoot fish in groups easily win at New88

Although it is an easy game to play, however, to be effective in each shot as well as get the most loot, you need to hone your skills and experience. necessary. This will be very useful for bettors whether you are a new or experienced player.

Have a good understanding of weapons used to shoot fish in schools

In this game model, the guns for you will be loaded with bullets with destructive power depending on the amount of money gamers spend to buy. However, at New88, there are many other interesting features for players to optimize and master their games. From there, players can hit more targets and gain more trophies. Some weapon lines in this group fish shooting game of New88 include:
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  • Bomb: Has enough destructive power to destroy all types of creatures in the area affected by this weapon.
  • Electric shock: Although it is a good weapon, it has a limited area of ​​use.
  • Cannon: More destructive power than guns with the ability to discharge bullets extremely well at the prey’s location.
  • Traps: This is a line of weapons for large fish like sharks.
  • Radiation: Increases weapon damage.

Concentrate your efforts on the fish’s head when shooting fish in groups

The top goal in this game is how to accurately destroy the targets you aim for. And the experience here for you guys is to aim and shoot at the fish’s head. Because if you miss the head shot, the bullet may hit places such as the body or tail. This still counts as a hit and only takes a few more shots to defeat the target.

Shoot fish in groups with 3 – 5 shots

If you are a beginner in this game and the deposit amount is not too large, establishing the most optimal strategy is extremely important. Therefore, you should focus and shoot 3-5 shots for large schools of fish. Not only that, you also need to optimize the weapons you own. Doing this will cause the creatures to consume a lot of energy, thereby making it easier to destroy them.

Understand the rules of shooting fish in groups

For each fish shooting game portal at New88, there will be separate rules for redeeming rewards. For that reason, before participating in the game at the house, you need to carefully consider and understand the rules given by the portals to avoid violations as well as risks when participating. Specifically, you need to note the following:

  • The rule of the fish shooting game in groups is, if you shoot – you get money.
  • The number of coins as well as the number of fish shot can be converted when buying coins.
  • Search for reputable and legal places to participate in fish shooting.

Regularly practice shooting fish in groups

Regular practice will help our assassins gain more experience and familiarity to master skills that help bring in more trophies for their accounts. Not only that, continuously participating in games will help gamers experience and learn many different things.

Choose a reputable place to experience fish shooting in schools

To ensure that all your experiences are complete, you should choose to experience them at reputable addresses. The best suggestion for you guys is the address of New88. This is an extremely prestigious and professional address, chosen and loved by many players. If you want to find strong stimulation in games, you should not miss this bookmaker’s address.


Above is the information related to shooting fish in groups that we have compiled and would like to share with you. We believe that, with the above useful knowledge that we bring, you will have the most exciting experiences when participating in this game at the house. New88 as well as many other bookmaker addresses!

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