List of Top 5 Best Rummy To Download And Earn Money

Rummy is a popular card game typically played with two to four players, and the objective is to create sets of cards in your hand. It is a fun and challenging game that requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. Nowadays there are a plethora of applications which allows you to play rummy at convenience. 

These downloadable apps will not only be a good source of entertainment but it also gives an opportunity to earn money. 

Let’s look up the top 5 best rummy to download and start earning while enjoying.

List Rummy Apps
1 Getmega apk
2 Rummy club apk
3 Rummy nabob apk
4 Holy rummy apk
5 Rummy glee apk


1. Getmega apk

Getmega apk offers a genuine challenge to you while giving out genuine rewards. Rummy is regarded as the most remarkable variation of card games. It is also one of the most loved card games in India. 

GetMega Rummy’s Feature:-
*  This apk provides multiple variants such as 13 card rummy, Deals rummy, Point rummy and Pool rummy
* Practice Chips To learn and earn more on the app.
* Easy & Fast Withdrawal and Deposit.
* Easy To Use, User Friendly UI.

The apk offers multiple variations of Rummy & Poker. Moreover Getmega extends verified player profiles with zero wait time & bot. New users and signups get up to ₹ 600 bonus. There are multiple rewards and offers provided throughout that are redeemable and proves a great way to start your game journey. 

2. Rummy Club apk

Rummy Club apk is a unique place where you can play rummy in language of choice. It takes a fresh take on the classic game of rummy by extending some added perks and benefits along the way. Rummy Club gives the opportunity to play live with anyone around the world anytime. 

Rummy Club Rummy’s Feature:-

* This apk provides gameplay in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi. 

* Option of chatting with friends.

* This apk supports gameplay at slower internet speeds.

* Provides regular Leaderboard & Tournaments.

* Easy withdrawal and deposits.

Players of the rummy club receive a bonus every week and additional 10% bonus on gross weekly income. It promotes multiple game options including Lugo, Car Roulette, Zoo Roulette, Fishing Frenzy, and Tiger vs Dragon. 

3. Rummy nabob apk

Rummy nabob apk is power packed with various games including rummy. It is a platform where you can develop skills and learn Rummy from scratch. Not just exciting gameplay but it also provides an option to earn exciting cash prizes.

Rummy Nabob Rummy’s Features:-

* Free practice matches.

* Easy to use, User-friendly interface 

* Easy deposit & Withdrawals 

* Different variants to choose from

* Simple card shuffling and dealing process 

Fair gameplay interface promotes signup bonus of ₹51. One of the main highlights of this apk is their proper customer support. Apart from rummy variants this apk extensively provides games like Teen patti, Poker, Ludo, Crash, Black Jack and others. 

4. Holy rummy apk

Holy rummy is a trusted rummy app in the country. Here you can play various rummy variants with real players to compete for real cash  prizes. Points Rummy, Deals rummy & Pool rummy are the extended game variations. 

Holy Rummy Rummy’s Feature:-

* This apk provides free rummy matches to make your skill better.

* Simple card shuffling & dealing process.

* Easy withdrawal and deposits

* Multiple variants of Rummy to choose

* User-friendly interface.

Newcomers get ₹30 sign in bonus, promoting them to play more games. Holy Rummy extensively offers other game choices, including Dragon Vs Tiger, IPL, 7 up Down, Zoo Roulette, Black Jack, CRASH and many more. Its a must try apk for beginners and experienced alike. 

5. Rummy glee apk

Rummy glee apk is a perfect destination for all types of rummy variants. It gives an enhanced gaming experience with unique tables. Strong customer support allows players to play the game with zero worries. 

Rummy glee Rummy Feature:-

* 13 card rummy and 21 card rummy are available here.

* 2D, 3D Rummy glee tables with royal avatar.

*  Easy deposit & Withdrawals

* Free practice matches.

Playing online rummy is even more fun when rummy glee extends an exciting sign up bonus of ₹51. Rummy glee also provides games like Ludo, Rummy, 10 Cards, Fruit Line, Dragon VS Tiger, 7 Up Down, Zoo Roulette & Car Roulette. 


Rummy has been rooted deep within the hearts of millions throughout the country. The sense of relevance and belongingness is moreover produced while we play the game. These online platforms provide a place of practicing what is seeded deep within. Along with safety and faster withdrawal, zero bots online platforms give the liberty to play rummy within the bounds of everyone’s comfort. These mentioned top 5 Rummy apks are best suitable for players of all skill levels. The platforms provide free practice matches to further hone your game skills. 

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