Most Popular Fishing Boats in India

When it comes to fishing, the most popular types of boat in India are those designed for stern trawling. These vessels are often larger than other traditional fishing boats. Many of them are fitted with 60 to 120 horsepower engines. They are typically made of steel, and the deck layout features a wheelhouse forward of the middle of the boat. Behind the wheelhouse are an engine-powered winch and warps leading to gallows in the stern.Please Visit moviestars

Another type of Indian fishing craft is the catamaran. These small boats are powered by oil and are used to travel to far-flung coastal areas in search of fish. Catamarans are divided into four general categories, with one category for each region. Those used in Kerala are the Orissa type, while others are built-up boats. All of them are used to catch mackerel, so they are commonly used on the Indian coast.More Info About Smihub

A central government committee has recently met to discuss the issue of trawling. The committee discussed reducing the number of boats in India’s waters, addressing the problem of excess catch, and ensuring that deep-sea fishing is no longer detrimental to the marine environment. The committee discussed the possibility of banning trawlers that are 12 nautical miles off the coast, which is considered a crucial habitat for several species and homes for juvenile fish.More Info About Beef

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