P2P Trading 

Our world is moving to its digitalization. Eventually, we get lots of benefits from it. On the other hand, there are also negative effects. Digitalization helps us a lot in our daily routine life. It has conquered our free time as well. So if you are enjoying gambling you can test your luck at video slots and try to win your first jackpot.  Digitalization also brought some changes in the financial sphere. 

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Of course, the easiest and safest way to buy crypto assets is through exchanges. This method is the most common among crypto newbies, but users who prefer a decentralized approach to buying and selling assets often use peer-to-peer trading. click here to know more information about crypto browser


In simple words, P2P trading is the buying and selling of crypto assets directly between users, without a third party or intermediary. For example, when buying or selling crypto assets on a traditional exchange, you are not directly transacting with a counterparty. Thus, the price of assets is set by the exchange.  Providing the buyer with a guarantee of the safe passage of a particular transaction. At the same time, P2P trading allows for greater control over the choice of buyer or seller of assets, as well as a greater influence on pricing and settlement time. And speaking of security, P2P exchanges can also provide a certain degree of protection for all participants in the transaction through a system of reviews or ratings.

P2P bidders can independently view ads and select assets at lower prices than on traditional exchanges, as well as post ads to sell crypto assets at the desired price. Thus, P2P gives more freedom of choice to its users. P2P also offers more flexible payment options than conventional centralized exchanges. That is, the more flexible you choose payment methods, the faster you will make a sale. Click here to know all about crypto tax

Secure Yourself

 Of course, before you start trading on P2P, you need to be aware of all the possible risks. For example, if an offer at first glance looks too good to be true, it probably is. Crooked sellers often try to attract inexperienced traders by posting offer lists of cryptocurrencies with absurdly low prices. Always check the reviews about the merchant, as well as the number of completed transactions, before the operation.


 A payment system that combines the functions of a payment wallet for private users and a payment gateway for the e-commerce sector. The platform was founded in 2014 as a multifunctional payment provider, which today has turned into a full-fledged ecosystem that includes innovative solutions: merchant tools for business, ADV cards, cryptocurrency deposits, and much more.

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