What is the Role of Exercise Bike & Power Blocks to Burn Calories? | Usage & Benefits

How Exercise Bike Affects the Calories Burn to  Get Rid of Excess Body Fat?

Are you facing fluctuation in weight and staying apprehensive about your overweight body? If yes, you should track your daily calories intake and burning level to maintain your body.

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy formula you can use to calculate exactly how many calories you burn. Everyone knows that daily physical exercise is obligatory for human health and reduces the risk of numerous diseases.

But don’t worry, an exercise bike can be one of the best options to help you to burn calories and reduce your body weight. An exercise bike is an effective solution for aerobic fitness, burning calories, and reducing joint stress.

This article will explain how the exercise bike is more useful and how we use an exercise bike for weight loss.

So if you are inquisitive about finding out how calories burn on an exercise bike, let’s get started!

Why are Exercise Bikes Good for Weight Loss?

Workout on an exercise bike can help you lose weight in numerous ways. The training itself burns calories, But if you want to build muscle in your legs, you can increase your metabolic rate. This allows you to burn more calories even at rest.

The best way to lose weight on an exercise bike is to increase your intensity and do hard intervals. Running at a mild aerobic pace will burn calories and fat, but increasing effort, resistance, and cadence burn more calories and boost metabolism even after training. It’s a more efficient method.

Factors that Cause More Calories Burn on Exercise Bike

There is no calculated formula to burn calories but numerous factors that affect the process. Here they are:

#1. Body Size

In experts’ opinions, the rate of burning calories depends upon the weight of our body. The logic is that the muscles of our body are more metabolically active than fats.

The male body burns more calories than females with the same body size and exercise time because the male body is leaner than the female. If you have less body weight and more built muscles, you can burn more calories in a short time.  

#2. Intensity of Workout

Burning calories depends upon the intensity level of your workout. Increasing resistance and paddling power will affect the calories burning counter. It is no wonder that you will start burning more calories when you level up the resistance and do paddling harder.

#3. Duration of Workout

The longer you workout, the more calories you burn. Experts say that a short workout with high intensity burns more calories than a long duration workout with low intensity. So, start with the normal workout duration, but try to add time and resistance to your workout. This will help you burn plenty of calories and shed body weight in a couple of days.

You may burn more calories with indoor cycling and spinning bikes because they give more muscles movement and engage the whole body. Different exercise bike are available according to each individual’s strength and fitness level.

Following are some major types of exercise bikes & other tools that we can use to burn calories:

  • Stationary bike
  • Upright bike
  • Recumbent bike 
  • Dual-action bike
  • Powerblock sport 50
  • Cap bumper plates
  • Powerblock straight bar

Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is considered the most useful indoor exercise machine that helps burn calories and shed our body weight. The main feature of stationary bikes is strengthening the lower body muscles.

Upright Bike

An upright bike is an excellent solution for cardio exercise and strengthening the core muscles. These bikes have both sitting and standing options, and their lower handles put pressure on our hands and wrist.

Recumbent Bike 

A recumbent bike is ideal for older people as it has a wide and comfortable seat and puts less strain on joints. It allows us the exercise of (Thighs, Calves, Glutes) without applying any strain. 

Dual-Action Bike

The dual-action bike is similar to the upright bike but has much wider space and more grip. These bikes work on the abdominal muscles and help us keep our bodies upright. 

lso helps us work on the biceps, triceps, and shoulders to keep them in proper shape.

Powerblock sport 50

Powerblocks 50 are our favourite since they’re simple to use, safe, and can be used on any flat surface. The stand may be purchased separately to complete your setup, but unlike competitive adjustable dumbbells from other companies, Powerblock 50 is essential for use.More Movies Download from here 4movierulz

Cap Bumper Plates: 

The cap bumper plates are built to last and are engineered to endure drops, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. These adaptable plates are ideal for lifting platforms, gyms, and garage floors, and may be utilised for a range of functional fitness and cross training activities.

Powerblock Straight Bar:

The clever adjustment mechanism of the powerblock straight bar allows you to quickly convert the dumbbells to a barbell and so do additional workouts. The bar weighs almost 10 kg excluding weights and is thus a suitable beginning weight. Do you truly want to make the most of the training?

Advantages of Exercise Bike

Following are the benefits you can enjoy while adding the exercise bike to your workout. 


You can easily do your workout anytime in a leisurely atmosphere. It could be your living room, Tv lounge, or maybe the top roof of your house. Stationary bikes take up a small space to fit in.

Safe Alternative

If you want to do cycling but are afraid to be on the road, the indoor exercise bike is the best alternative. You can do cycling in your home without any hazards of heavy traffic and bad weather conditions. 

Improve Cardio 

Exercise bikes help us to improve our cardio level. A healthy heart means a healthy body, and a healthy heart will pump more blood and make the body active and healthy.

Strengthen Lower Body Area

Exercise bikes directly work on the quads and calves of our legs, making them stronger and strengthening our lower body area.

Joints Friendly

Most of us choose high-impact exercises like jumping robes and other heavy machines. They apply a lot of stress on our joints which is quite dangerous.

If you add exercise cycles to your daily life exercise, your joints will be thankful to you. The exercise cycle is joint-friendly and applies less stress on our joints, making our daily exercise relatively easy and enjoyable.

How Many Calories Do You Burn in 30 Minutes on a Bike?

It is impossible to calculate the exact calories burned with a 30-minute workout on an exercise bike. We can’t predict it because it depends upon different factors like weight and fat muscles of the body.

Many experts have researched this demanding answer, but they failed to find the exact number. But after researching in every domain and concerning nutritionists, experts conclude that a stationary bike burns 120-155 calories while an upright bike burns 252-292 calories in a workout of 30 mins.


Are exercise bikes an excellent way to burn calories?

Yes, exercise bikes are suitable for burning calories. Also, they strengthen our heart, lungs,and lower body muscles.

Is a stationary bike better than walking?

Stationary bike and walking both have the same results, but the stationary bike has one more benefit. It does not apply pressure on joints.

How long should I bike for a good workout?

Set your 30-60 minutes daily workout plan with an exercise bike to shed your weight. But if you are a beginner, try to start with a 10 minutes workout and then add on according to your stamina.

Does wearing more clothes while working out burn more calories?

Wearing more clothes causes air resistance, which increases the body temperature. It will cause more sweat and more calories burned.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a regular bike, a folding exercise bike, or a mini exercise bike, they are an excellent option for weight loss. The exercise bike effectively burns calories and helps to reduce weight. If you have a goal to shed weight, only 30 minutes of workout can help you fulfill this dream.

The indoor exercise cycle is the best and most innovative way to burn thousands of calories per day, but one thing you should have to keep in mind is that variation is necessary while performing any exercise. If we keep doing the same type of exercise, our body will get used to it, and it does not affect our body in a better way.

If you have any queries, please allow us to assist you in the comment box.

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