Slot machine Aviator from the developer Spribe

The Aviator slot machine is an interesting novelty in the Parimatch online casino, before starting the game it will be useful to familiarize yourself with its rules To do this, expand the burger menu, which is located next to the account amount and select the “Game Rules” item. A description of the game and step-by-step instructions for its passage with video will appear on the screen. It details all the features of the game Aviator and answers to questions that may arise during the gameplay.

The point of the Aviator game is to make one or two bets and then cash out before the plane takes off. During its flight you will see a variable multiplier on the screen, the higher the number – the bigger the winning! The complexity of the game lies in the fact that it is impossible to predict at what point the plane will take off, so players often take the winnings in the early stages so that the bet does not burn out. However, there are those who are not afraid to take risks and wait until the coefficient crosses the double-digit mark, although this does not happen too often.

In order to understand how the Aviator game works, you should practice in the demo version. If you have already started playing for real money and your goal is to win, then here you need to develop your own strategy or use a ready one. What can be noted right away is that you should not hope that after a large coefficient in the next round you will be that lucky again. It would be wise to save the money won and make a small test bet. Agree, it is better to win a small amount of money, but stay in the black, than to take risks immediately after a big win and lose everything.

Happens, that the player does not have time to cash out both bets, so you always need to look out to avoid such a situation. Sometimes the plane takes off so fast that the ratio doesn’t even get off the ground. Usually, this happens when before that it managed to rise high enough. Therefore, you should follow the next rule: after a big win, you should reduce the bet amount in Aviator or even skip a round or two.

Strategies for playing the Aviator slot machine

If you feel like you are starting to lose, you should increase your bet amount and start cashing out your winnings at the lowest multipliers. This way you can win back a little in Aviator. You can also stick to a safety strategy and cash out one bet right away and the second a little later. By playing this strategy, you personally reduce the potential amount of your winnings, but at the same time minimize your losses.

One of the ready-made working strategies of the Aviator game is to increase the bet amount by 2.5 times after each loss, and after a win, return to the previous amount. According to this strategy, it is better to cash out a bet at odds of approximately 1.5. You can deviate from the plan and risk waiting for a more favorable coefficient, but this is not recommended if you want to play according to the proposed strategy. The stakes should not be very small, otherwise it will be problematic to earn a lot.

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