Top 5 Artists of Scalp Micropigmentation In Melbourne

Scalp micropigmentation is a work of art; it is one of the best ways to manage hair loss and thinning, giving the outlook of the perfect hairline just as you would want it. However, for something as important as this, there is a need for master artists who can get the job done. So, when it comes to professional SMP services in Melbourne, who are the top artists? In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 5 artists for scalp micropigmentation in Melbourne.

  • Omar Rodriguez

Located in Foli Sim’s Melbourne office, Omar Rodriguez is a talented Scalp Micropigmentation artist. Omar has spent a great deal of time away from home studying illustrious Australian and foreign artists in order to hone his craft. It’s admirable that he cares so much about his clients and wants to see them succeed in their fight against baldness and a loss of self-esteem. His decision to pursue a career in SMP took him to Mexico City in the first months of 2019, when he met and trained with Noveau Contour’s Sumiko. After taking this course, he was motivated to not only learn from the finest in the business but to train well for the next few years.

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  • Shannon Over

Shannon’s own history with the loss of hair and SMP fuels his enthusiasm for the procedure. Shannon is a living, breathing representation of what SMP represents in real life because she was a Foli Sim client in the past. Since Shannon has been through all of the steps of the SMP procedure himself, he is able to empathize with his customers and answer all of their questions, big and little, from start to finish. Our veteran artist and a contender for the Australian Artist of the Year award, Kate Dawes, was Shannon’s original instructor. Shannon’s strengths in SMP are his natural observance, alertness, and thoroughness, all of which he brings to his work.

  • Natalie Marie

Before moving to Sydney to join the Foli Sim team, Natalie worked as Head Technician and Trainer for a renowned worldwide SMP firm in the frantic city of London, where she received her extensive international training. Over the course of her work, Natalie has used SMP to help a large number of men and women who have experienced hair loss.

  • Tara Scrivener

Tara received her Scalp Micropigmentation certification from Foli Sim’s own Co-Director, the internationally renowned artist Kate Dawes. Tara’s extensive background in the cosmetics industry provides her with the upper hand when it comes to performing flawless Scalp Micropigmentation. The skill, delicacy, and perfection with which this expert administers SMP to the scalps of clients of all ages, genders, and ethnicities are clear demonstrations of her aforementioned qualities.

  • Kelly Dawes

Since earning her certification in May 2017, Kelly has served a vast number of people. Later, she visited the 2019 Team Micro Meeting of Minds SMP Conference in London, where she was shortlisted for Best International Artist after completing a Master SMP course at the prestigious Brandwood Clinic. As Michael Dawes’s daughter, she is committed to the Foli Sim mission and principles and strives to provide exceptional customer service.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best in the business, ready to help with all of your scalp micropigmentation needs. With many years of experience and a dedication to quality service, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands walking into the Foli Sim studio.

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