Top 5 Child Safety Products of 2023


Hey, parents! When you’re out of the house, it’s your job to protect your children. It can be hard to know what products are the best for child safety, but these are my favorites and ones that should help keep your little one safe.

Adjustable Safety Straps

Adjustable safety straps are convenient, versatile, and easy to use. They can be used almost anywhere in your home or on furniture like a couch or chair. You can adjust them as your child grows from birth to toddlerhood, making them an investment that will last you for years.

You can also easily install these safety straps yourself (or with the help of a friend). A simple installation process means you won’t have to call in the professionals—and they won’t cost an arm and leg. Click here for more about Fab Guys

Baby Proofing Kit

Providing your child with a safe environment is important, but so are the safety products that go along with it. To help you find the right product for your home, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite baby proofing kits available on Amazon.

The Baby Proofing Kit is designed to be used in any home. It contains everything you need to make sure sharp corners and household hazards are out of reach. This comprehensive kit includes door knob covers, outlet covers, cabinet locks and toilet lid locks (for example). These items are easy to install and will ensure that your child cannot reach anything dangerous in the house.

Outlet Protectors

Outlet protectors are another safety product that is inexpensive and easy to install. The outlet protector inserts easily into any outlet, and has a small bubble that is difficult for children to reach. Safety outlet guards are minimal and do not catch the attention of a child as much as other child-proofing methods such as plastic covers or special plugs.

Outlet protectors are an effective way to keep small children away from electrical outlets, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where they may be exposed to water. This type of child-proofing is also very inexpensive; you can purchase a pack of 10 outlet protectors for less than $10.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are easy to install and remove. They’re flexible, so you can use them on any surface and they are safe for your child. These magnetic locks are affordable and will not hurt your child. It is recommended that you keep these cabinets locked in order to make sure that your little ones do not have access to dangerous items such as knives or other sharp objects. These locks will remain hidden so that you do not lose the original look of your home while keeping everyone safe within it!

Good magnetic locks typically have options to use adhesive or screws. They also have to have strong enough magnets to work for the thickness of your cabinet door. The stronger the magnet, the stronger your lock will be. You should also look for locks that have a locking mechanism on both sides of the door, so that they can be opened from either side without any issues. Some of these include keys and hinges to open the mechanism from either side incase you face issues down the road.

Window Guards

Window guards are a must-have for any home with children. You can use them to protect against falls, strangulation, projectiles and sharp objects. Your child could also get hurt by sharp corners and edges, or even dangerous points if they were to hit something like the glass edge of a TV stand or cabinet door.

Window guards come in many styles and colors. They’re easy to install anywhere on your windows and doors so you won’t have to do any major construction work before you can use them effectively in your house or apartment!


We hope that this list of the top 5 child safety products of 2023 will help you as you try to keep your children safe. It’s important to remember that safety comes first, and these products will help you achieve that goal.

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