With all the various modern bridal jewellery sets available for you to pick for your special day, it does become overwhelming at one point.  You are looking for something that goes with your style. No wonder it is a challenging task. But a bit of research can help you choose the right wedding jewellery type that goes perfect with your taste and will accentuate your entire wedding look. 

Understanding your style is not that hard, you have been doing that for years. From picking your outfits to jewellery that you have always carried with confidence, you know who you are and you know what works for you. Just like you chose yourself out of all the different vibes around, there is no wonder you will be able to choose your bridal jewellery with similar confidence.

Here are some points that you might want to check that help you with choosing your wedding jewellery:

1. All about elegance:
if you are everything about being subtle but impactful with your look. You are looking to go for being the princess bride. Small and delicate diamonds that are dainty go perfect with your vibe. Choose something chic for the
jewellery set for your wedding, American diamonds with platinum or silver metal base are worth considering. To make you have that ‘ instant click’ here is an example.

 If you have ever crossed yourself with a huge Bollywood proposal you know about Shivani Bafna. For her wedding, she went with the exact princess vibes. Dainty and opulent and all about elegance.

2. The boho bride:
there is this exquisite feel when you choose to take the less travelled path, to do something different. you become the first of all and everyone gets inspired by you. You are opening a new door that few might have thought about but nobody dared to try. That requires courage and we know you have that to an extrinsic amount. With that confidence, you don’t want it to go suppressed on your wedding day. Your bridal jewellery set should be exquisite. Putting on something heavy with a contrast of colours will take you places. If you want to go for that not-so-red, but white wedding dress we support you! go for Kundan jewellery that sparkles the white and with a pop of colour. And you have nothing to rest to worry about.

Here is one in a million pictures that sets fire to the dance floor. Natasha Dalal broke the barriers when she went for all-white for her Indian wedding. We usually don’t choose white when it comes to an Indian wedding. But why? Who said no? look at her all-white chudhas, is there anything more note-taking?

Talk about Alia, with a very simple makeup look to having the classic white outfit, it’s nothing but all boho.

1. The classic bride:

when many people go to create their identity, you want to carry a little of something from your traditions. How inspiring is that? It becomes all about your serenity. Choosing something that reflects your culture while choosing the
jewellery set for your wedding is an awesome choice. You can always choose the old gold with gemstones embedded for that bit of contrast. Gold metal will give you the options to choose for temple jewellery or perhaps something in Kundan jewellery as well. 

Consider Yami Gautam in that case, she did not only choose to have her wedding in her home state, she choose to go for her mum’s saree and with classic wedding jewellery.

2. All about the glamour:
the diamonds and polki and maharani haar, over-layering your neck pieces and making sure nothing goes missing. If you are someone who resonates with these you want fashion to be hooked to your wedding, going vogue is your style. We get you. All the sparkle that catches the attention is worth giving in extra thought.  Your very best option, in that case, is going for polki jewellery for your bridal necklace set. Uncut raw diamonds not only give you the royal look but are all perfect. Going for a bridal choker set with gemstones embedded for that contrast and pairing it with maharani haar  and with immaculate details in your maang tikka and earings is flamboyant

Deepika and Priyanka all went with royalty and glamour in their wedding, you want it all and you want the best. What is better than these?
3. The Minimalistic bride:
not too much of the light”, “being comfortable”  we have heard you. Less is certainly more and if you can carry the minimalism with elegance there is nothing more immaculate than that!  A little bit of this and a bit of that and you are all set to walk down the aisle! Going for artificial jewellery for the bride can be considered as one of the options along with simplicity in your bridal jewellery set. Going for dewy pearls paired with diamonds in single layers works like a charm! You don’t have anything to prove, rather just reflect! From choosing a detailed but not-so-heavy maang tikka, you can go for dewy pear drop earrings or diamond studs with pearls embedded around them. For the neckpiece, there is nothing better than a single-layer diamond neckpiece with pearls hanging down.  Pair it with pearl bangles with a diamond embedded in it and a big round ring for your middle finger and you look like an angel.

Look at Diya Mirza, doesn’t she look pretty? Simplicity no doubt has its place in the entire fashion field. She went for a saree in the trend of lehenga and simple wedding jewellery in Polki and Kundan works integrated with emeralds and pearls. Lovely! Isn’t it?

Going with the jewellery of your dreams while putting a heavy load in your pocket is a follow-up desire for every bride! What if you could simply wear your polki jewellery with pearls without worrying so much about the money? It would be great, wouldn’t it? If your answer is yes, then you have no further to look for.

Simply go for the option to rent jewellery online. It’s pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly.  But when you are looking for bridal jewellery online, you want to make sure of its quality and authenticity.

Well, Rent n Flaunt is one of the most trusted brands to rent the best designer jewellery online. Rent n F Each jewellery piece is of high maintenance and the best quality, no one will be able to suspect that it is ‘something borrowed. They have everything ranging from chokers, maharani haar, mang tika, matha Patti, hathphool etc. you name it, you will find it.  Your one-stop destination to fulfil all your wedding dreams without any hassle!

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