What Do Private Detectives & Investigators Actually Do?

Private detectives and investigators are professionals who work in the private sector to gather information on individuals or groups. They are hired by businesses, insurance companies and individuals to conduct investigations into different matters.

Private detectives provide clients with information about the activities of their employees, spouses and others involved in legal cases. They also help clients find missing people, locate witnesses for court cases, gather evidence for criminal investigations, conduct background checks and more.

Private detectives use surveillance equipment to monitor people’s actions. This can be done through hidden cameras, microphones and other devices that allow them to record conversations from a distance. The recordings are then used as evidence in court cases or to assist with the investigation process.

Some private detectives specialize in one particular area of expertise such as fraud prevention or locating missing persons. Others have experience working in areas such as accounting or financial services which makes them valuable assets when it comes to collecting evidence related to money laundering schemes or corporate fraud cases.

To get a better idea about what private investigators do, here is a list of the most common types of work:

Surveillance and Security

A private investigator can be hired to watch over a person or place. This may include following them around in public places, taking photos or video recordings, or setting up hidden cameras and microphones.

Background Checks

A background check is an investigation into someone’s past, generally for employment purposes. However, you can also hire a private investigator to investigate your current spouse or partner before you get married.

Skip Trace

When someone disappears without leaving any forwarding address, it’s known as skipping out on debts. Skip tracing involves tracking down these people so they can pay their bills or debts before they disappear again. Skip tracing often involves looking through databases such as property records and phone directories to locate the person who owes money or property that needs to be sold off to pay off debts.

Infidelity Surveillance

When it comes to infidelity surveillance, there are several different ways it can be done:

1. Electronic Monitoring

GPS tracking devices, cell phone tracking apps and keystroke logging software can all be used to monitor a person’s movements around town in real time. The same technology is used by online retailers so they know where their customers are shopping at all times. This allows them to better target ads for products that might interest you based on your location at any given time.

3. Mail Intercept

If you suspect someone is cheating on you, but don’t want to risk catching him or her in the act by following them around town yourself, then having your mail intercepted may give you the peace of mind you’re looking for without having to pay someone else to do it for you. A private detective will open up your mail before

Private detectives and investigators work in several areas of the industry, including criminal, corporate, domestic and personal.

Criminal Investigations

In the criminal arena, private detectives may be hired by attorneys to uncover information that will help their clients build a case against their accused. They may also be hired by law enforcement agencies to conduct surveillance on suspects or gather evidence for cases that are still under investigation. Private investigators can also be found working in fraud prevention and white-collar crime detection.

Corporate Investigations

In the corporate arena, private investigators may be hired by companies to investigate employee theft, computer hacking or industrial espionage. They may also be asked to provide security for high-profile individuals such as celebrities or politicians. Corporate investigators often specialize in particular fields such as fraud prevention or white collar crime detection.

Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations involve gathering information about someone’s spouse or partner to determine whether they have been unfaithful or have otherwise violated the terms of their marital agreement. These types of investigations are often requested by individuals who suspect that their spouse is having an affair but do not know for sure yet if this is true or not. In addition to gathering evidence of infidelity during marriage counseling sessions or divorce proceedings.


I hope this article will shed more light on what private detectives and investigators actually do in their day-to-day work. Remember that a successful investigator is determined and has an exceptional memory, but more than anything, they have passion for the job.

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