What is the house edge analysis standard without adjustment?

Analyzing the house is something that bettors need to know if they want to achieve a lot of success on this risky betting path. Each football betting house will have its own odds table. In this article, we will help you understand how the house makes the bets as well as how the bettors analyze the bets on this site

Understanding how the bookie analyzes and makes bets

First, we come to the way the bookie analyzes and decides the odds. Each bookmaker will have a team of experts who analyze, evaluate, judge and take the main responsibility for determining this house odds table. Here are the ways they usually use it.

Determine the handicap and odds

How does the bookie determine the handicap and odds? In Asian handicap or handicap, the ratio is selected by calculating the correlation of the two teams. They will specifically rely on previous data on the number of goals and goals conceded by the two teams.The team with the most goals will be designated as the strong team and assigned a handicap.

The house will rely on quantitative and qualitative methods to be able to determine the handicap of the above team. The odds will be estimated according to the information from the previous matches.

The team of experts from reputable bookmakers needs to calculate carefully and number them in a clear order. Finally, the odds are published for betting and selection.

Odds are announced with the odds of winning the bet. The percentage of the bonus will be calculated based on the amount of house capital put into the market. If you win the bet, that winning will be part of the house capital, as well as the money that the old player bet and lost.

Next, we will help you understand 2 methods of analyzing the house bets: quantitative and qualitative.

  Bettor needs to know that analyzing the house edge is very important

The information used for the quantitative method is clear numbers from previous matches. including confrontation history, win-loss ratio, number of goals and losses in the last matches of the two teams, etc.

In short, that information is either a number or a percentage. Based on that information, the expert team creates data processing models. From there, they can calculate the relative probability of the home team and the away team winning.

It is these probabilities that are the data for the bookie to set the odds. Therefore, if you look closely at this ratio, players can see which team the house predicts will have a higher chance of winning. If you just look at the house and know this information, the player has a chance of winning more than 50%.

 Qualitative information analysis

Next, what is qualitative house edge analysis? Qualitative is the opposite of quantitative. The house does not use statistical probability, past data. Instead of that information, they are more interested in daily news through newspapers and current affairs. The big bookies will have a team dedicated to collecting information, selecting, processing, and using it as data for their outcome predictions.

The bookie uses quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the odds.

Qualitative house edge analysis can complement and reinforce the results that quantitative offers. Therefore, it is also a very important part of the house to bet. Players can also find out information and make quick bets by themselves, seeing which teams are strong and ready to bet on them. This will give you a pretty high chance of winning.

Adjust odds

The house edge analysis can also change flexibly. The house does not just analyze the odds and leave them there. They often use qualitative methods to adjust the odds for the match.

Sometimes they can even change the odds right before the game starts. This poses a lot of risk to the player. To win a bet, the player must also promptly notice the change in the house and make the most reasonable adjustments.

Usually, each bookie usually offers the odds table one week earlier than the game time. During this time, players can place bets at any time and can also adjust their bets. The advice here is that you should not rush to bet but only place it a little before the game time.

Popular types of bets

Do you guys know the types of bets that the house offers? Here are the typical and common forms:

  • The bet is pushed too high compared to the original bet, making it impossible for the player to place a bet.
  • The match-fixing status of some bookies and teams makes players unpredictable. 
  • The third form is hit and run, betting when the match is happening. This form requires players to have good judgment.
  • Finally, the under-bet form If a player notices a sharp increase in the underhand price, it means that the number of bets on the underside is greater.

    Popular types of rafters often appear in the house rafters’ table

Statistical probabilities for each subsequent rafter

Some statistical probabilities for each rafter that you can refer to:

  • The ¼ bet is reduced to the same ball or the bet is still kept ¼ the bets are reduced => Players should choose to place the lower bet.
  • Handicap ½ reduces to ¼ or lowers the bet => Players should choose the lower hand to place a bet.
  • Handicap ¾ reduces the stalk to ½ or lowers the bet => Players should choose the upper hand to place a bet.
  • Handicap 1 ½ reduces to 1 ¼ or lowers the bet => Players should choose the upper hand to place a bet.
  • Handicap 1 ¼ reduces to 1 or lowers the bet => Players should choose the underdog team to bet.
  • Handicap 1 ¾ reduced to 1 ½ or lower the bet => Players should choose the best team to bet.

All of the information above is about the house betting analysis for football betting brothers. If you want to participate in betting, you should choose the most reputable and professional bookmaker. The chances of winning are the highest.

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