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Average Price Of Spring Awakening Gel Wax Melt

Do you love the smell of spring? Do you sometimes wish you could have your home, office, or car smelling that way all year long? Well, if you do, then you don’t have to wish anymore because with the strongly scented spring awakening gel wax melt that contains notes of geranium, ylang, neroli, amber, patchouli, pear, jasmine, carnation, musk, and tonka.

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There are lots of benefits you and your family or loved ones stand to benefit when you use spring awakening gel wax melt—and we’ll be looking at it shortly—but the price of the wax melt will determine if it’s actually worth it or not. Continue reading to learn about the average price of spring awakening gel wax melt.

What is the average price of the spring awakening gel wax melt?

In the UK, most online shops sell the spring awakening gel for £2.40 ($2.82); while some sell it for £2.50 ($2.94). Hence, the average price of buying spring awakening gel wax melts would be £2.45 (i.e., $2.88).

From the above analysis, it’s easy to see that spring awakening wax melts are also affordable. Looking for where to buy affordable spring awakening gel wax melts? Then you can buy some at for as low as £2.40.

Benefits of buying spring awakening gel wax melts

  • Spring awakening gel wax melts produce a strong and powerful scent which makes it ideal for people who love strong, intense laundry scents.
  • They are easy to use and when you are ready to change your spring awakening gel wax melt, all you have to do is allow it cool to room temperature before peeling the wax off your burner or warmer.
  • Spring awakening gel wax melts (or gel wax melts in general) often last longer than regular wax melts. Also, due to the type of wax used in its production, the fragrance is released slowly from the gel wax which means that the scent from the gel wax lasts longer.
  • They are fun. Spring awakening gel wax melts are a new and fun way to fragrance your home.
  • In addition to the above benefits, if you buy your spring awakening gel wax melts from, then for every pot you buy, you get approximately 45-50g of premium scented gel wax; that’s equivalent to 45-50 hours of scent. 
  • spring awakening gel wax melts are packaged in eco-friendly packaging that looks like plastic but it’s actually composed of plants. The packaging used for the wax melts is compostable which means that you don’t have to worry about contributing to a world full of plastic.See more here from Download Free eBooks From Z Library

How to use spring awakening gel wax melts 

If it’s going to be your first time using gel wax melts, then it’s important that you know the following:

  • Gel wax melts are very hot. Hence, if you live with children or pets then you should never leave it unattended to or within the reach of children or pets
  • Always allow the gel wax to fully cool down before trying to remove it from your warmer. Touching gel wax when hot will not only cause burns, it’ll also stick to your skin
  • Make use of the standard 4-hour tealight. Also, the burner or warmer used for heating the gel wax should have a minimum of 10cm spacing the dish and flame to prevent a fire risk
  • Always place an appropriate size of gel wax on your burner or warmer as using a large amount of gel wax at once could result in waste and cause the gel to overspill
  • Since gel wax melts burn at hotter temperatures and take a longer time to release the scent, when using electric burners or warmers, it’s recommended to use the medium to high setting

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