Scared Sleep And The Hormonal Helpers


Ever had the sensation of “losing yourself” in a great movie, book, or video game? What about a workout session, sex, or playing your favorite instrument? We owe this incredible, life-affirming sensation of complete immersion to a relative disengagement of the prefrontal cortex.

The Lymphatic System: Your Brain’s Nightly Cleaning Crew

Anatomy textbooks are not updated too often these days. After the advent of the microscope, physiologists were quick to slice, dice, stain, map, and draw every square millimeter of the human body—and within a few short decades, there was seemingly nothing left to explore. So it was a major geek-out moment for biology lovers when Jeffrey Leif and his team at the University of Rochester discovered what could rightly be called an uncharted organ —the lymphatic system.HD movies download from Movierulz Page

Hormonal Helpers

Our behaviors are often motivated by our brains, but sometimes they originate in the body. In many ways, willpower is like a marionette puppet, with chemical messengers called hormones at the strings. Unlike neurotransmitters, which allow individual neurons to communicate with their next-door neighbors, hormones are long-range messengers, being released in one part of the body and having impact in another.HD movies download from Moviesnation.

Insulin: The Storage Hormone

I described how excessive insulin might turn our brains into amyloid plaque landfills, but excessive carbohydrate intake is not the only villain in the fight for a plaque-free brain. Sleep is also critical for regulating our hormones, including insulin. Research suggests that even as little as one night of partial sleep deprivation can temporarily increase insulin resistance in an otherwise healthy person

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Ghrelin: The Hunger Hormone

Another hormone affected by sleep is ghrelin. Secreted by the stomach, ghrelin tells your brain when it’s time to be hungry. Your ghrelin level increases just before meals or when the stomach is empty and decreases after meals or when the stomach is stretched. This hormone can also impact your behavior: when mice and humans are injected with ghrelin, the number of meals consumed increases. Please visit here for information about Worlds Fattest Vagina

Cortisol: The Carpe Diem Hormone

Cortisol, a master circadian regulator, peaks upon waking, creating a temporary catabolic state in the body. Often thought of solely as a stress hormone, cortisol is also instrumental as the “waking” hormone, liberating energy as carbs, fat, and amino acids for use in the early daytime hours. When insulin and cortisol are both present at the same time (i.e., after a carbohydrate-rich breakfast), cortisol’s fat-burning effect will be shut down, and it will only exert its catabolic effect on your muscles—clearly, not a desirable scenario.more entertain jio rockers kannada


National Geographic journalist Dan Better has discovered and studied the five places in the world—dubbed Blue Zones—where people live the longest. The lifestyles of people in these zones provide examples that we can use to form hypotheses about what promotes healthy aging. For example, many of these communities build nonnegotiable intermissions from work into their days—and I’m not just talking about a lunch break. You Get all Info About Fast ssrmovies

Lastly Comment

As you can see, chronic stress is a major threat to our cognitive health. But not all stress is created equal! In the following chapter, we will see how one particular kind of stress may be your brain’s best friend.You Get all Info About Fast Open Upload

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