How lawyers handle personal injury lawsuits: An overview

You have decided to hire a personal injury lawyer after a freak accident and are wondering what to expect of them. Firstly, congratulations on making the right choice. Hiring an attorney ensures that you don’t settle for less, and in all likeliness, the lawyer won’t charge a fee until you win. However, as a client, you have the right to know what happens after you get an attorney for the case. If you haven’t found a personal injury lawyer yet, check this website to get immediate assistance for your claim in Illinois. Your lawyer will do the following in chronological steps –

  1. Organize & submit the paperwork. If insurance is applicable, your lawyer will start with the claims process, for which they will also take care of the forms and formalities. If a lawsuit must be initiated, your attorney will draft the paperwork with relevant details. This may involve sending a summons, getting an answer, filing a counterclaim, and so on.
  2. Gather evidence for your lawsuit. As the claimant, you must present evidence to support your claim to get the settlement. You need an attorney for that because they can do these betters. Your lawyer will work extensively to find documents, photos, and witnesses and get sworn statements when necessary. If you are required to give a deposition, your attorney will also prepare you for that.
  3. Representation during negotiations & and court hearings. Most personal injury claims and lawsuits are settled outside of court. A settlement is more likely when parties decide to negotiate the claim/lawsuit and come to an acceptable agreement for both sides. Your lawyer is key to the negotiation process, but if that doesn’t happen, your lawyer will argue for you at trial as the case begins.
  4. Help get the monetary judgments. Just because you have received the compensation doesn’t mean you will get the money because the other party may not have the resources or may refuse to pay the amount. There are various ways to claim monetary judgments, and your lawyer will help get the same by guiding you throughout the process.

If you win, your injury lawyer gets a share of the financial compensation, and it would be a percentage of the money varying between 30% and 40%. Some experienced lawyers charge on the higher side, but you can be assured that you will get compensated for the losses that you have endured.  

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