Pin up casino bonus code – how to get

A promotional code is required to receive your Pin-up casino bonus. This is a secret combination that gives you access to the promotions at the gaming club. Promocodes can be personal or shared. The former are issued to individual players for individual achievements. General promo codes are available to all visitors to the club. They can be found on the online casino website, in casino social networking groups, on forums, or in the public domain.

Instructions on how to activate Pin Up promo codes

Pin Up promo codes are activated in the player’s cabinet on To do this, the visitor’s page must be active – registration is required. If the account is active, you can activate the promo code according to the following instructions:

  • Login to the website. A login and password are required. The login is an email address or mobile phone number. The player comes up with the password himself during the registration process.
  • Find the “Profile” section. The operator publishes the link in the top right corner of the main page.
  • Go to “Bonuses”. In the box that opens, you will see a line where you need to enter your promo code.
  • Click on the “Activate” button. The bonus will open automatically.

If the promo code is correct and valid, once the activation button is clicked, it will be applied instantly. The player is then given a bonus that corresponds to the selected promo code.

The bonus can only be used once per coupon if the prize is applied by the same member of the Pin Up Gaming Club.  The general bonuses available to all online casino players can be used once, subject to the application of one coupon for one account.

What bonuses are available with the Pin Up promotional code

To take advantage of Pin Up bonuses, you need to find a promo code to accrue them. The club’s bonus program is extensive. It includes the following types of rewards:

  • Birthday. You need to enter a promotional code, which is given to the member individually. It comes from a link in a text message or email.
  • Freespins in slot machines. To get freespins in slots, you need to be an active player of specific machines. Gifts are given by app developers to promote their products or by the online casino itself.
  • Balance multipliers. Welcome bonuses at Pin Up do not require a promo code. But for those who play regularly and want more perks, top-up bonuses are available. The size of the bonuses varies depending on the seasonal promotions. You can get up to 200% of your balance. The upper limit of the accrual is usually capped at 60,000 Indian rupees in the form of bonus coins.
  • Rating growth. Pin Up Casino has a ranking system in place. With a promo code, you can accelerate your ranking points, which will allow you to earn a higher level faster. With VIP status, earnings at Pin Up will be higher. Promotion codes for rating boosts are issued to players in person, by text message, or by mail.

The list of bonuses that are available by entering a promo code changes all the time. The most common is a deposit of a fixed amount, a multiple of the funds deposited, or free spins on selected slot machines.

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