Stress, Identify, Sign & Symptoms and Treatment


Stress is a feeling of physical or emotional stress. It create a feeling of anger or panic in the human body at any time event in human is often triggered when we try to learn about and experience something new or when we feel that our self is affected and we feel that the current situation is not under our control In fact, it is your defense mechanism that many times stress gives people energy and focus. It is important for us to remember that stress is genetic and to never judge others based on your own stress.

Identifying Stress

To identify stress, you must be aware of what you are thinking.It is powerful. Sometimes an event or movement can trigger a negative thought. Identify any pattern that will affect the way our thinking is mostly autonomous. Create positive thoughts and write down negative thoughts until a neutral thought is better than a negative thought.

If you are stressed, yIou will feel as if you have lost your sense of humor and you are unable to enjoy yourself and you will have different thoughts in your mind and you will not be able to stop them. You will feel angry, impatient and irritable and you will feel scared.

We cannot avoid stress and others cannot manage our stress for us. Stress makes you tired and makes you anxious and it can be dangerous for your health. Stress can be long-Term or short-term. If you experiencerepeated stress, it can have negative effects on your body and your health.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress stops you from thinking and has a physical effect by releasing hormones into your bloodstream that  speed up your breathing and heart rate. You feel sleep deprived and you may find that there are many problems going on in your brain and your brain is overworking to find a solution. Your body will also produce cortisol, a hormone that increases hunger. This can cause a food obsession, as your body craves sugary foods. If you suffer from headaches regularly, it is stressful. Sometimes stress is known as a headache. If you are stressed, it can have negative effects on your body such as headaches, lack of sleep and can also affect your mood.

When you’re stressed, a chemical released into your bloodstream increases your breathing and heart rate. Known as asthma attacks, You find it difficult to breathe and start to panic. Any of these symptoms can be related to stress. Get checked out by a good healthcare practitioner to help you get back to good health and guide you in this process.

There are times in everyone’s life when they want to live comfortably and if it becomes too much. It is a sign of stress. When you feel that it is too much, it is a natural tendency to hide.

Treatments for Stress

Be active

Exercise may not eliminate your stress, but it can reduce emotional intensity significantly enough to make you feel better and better able to cope with your thoughts if you feel that if you are not able to find solutions to your problems, it add to the stress,

Take control

Taking control of yourself empowers you and is a very important part of finding solutions to satisfy others. Instead, it satisfies you.

Connect with people

Build good relationships with your friends, family and relatives which gives you a lot of scope to do and see things in a better way.Talking to a good friend can give you the best solution to your problems

Help other People

Evidence shows that people who volunteer to help people are more flexible. To do or please someone by honoring them. It is small as comforting someone who is sick or making someone happy by honoring them

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